The big idea

Charitable giving is broken. We're fixing it.
Unless it's IRL, it’s impossible to feel the emotional experience of giving. We don’t know where our money is going and we don’t see the impact we're making. Until now.

Little Phil connects you directly to the donation recipient and leverages social sharing while keeping your data private and protected.

A more transparent and efficient way to give directly to the nonprofits you love.
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What’s in the name?

Little Phil is short for Little Philanthropist.
Philanthropists are smart, successful people who choose to give and do so on their terms. They choose the causes they care about and know where their money is going – not blindly throwing it into a tin. The philanthropist has control over their donation.
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Our why

The secret to living is giving!
When we serve others, we think outside ourselves, feel more connected and yes, even happier for doing so.

We call these Little Phil Good Moments and they extend into everything we do — from the core of our team to the outer reaches of our community.
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Our values

Bettering oneself to better the world.


Care and consideration for all. Always.



No guilt-trip donor tactics here. Giving is good for all.



Upfront and open about what we do, how and why we do it.



Move fast but create with planet and longevity in mind.



Striving for a better world for all people and planet.

Give from $5 and make a huge difference together


Precise. Articulated. Simple yet effective.

Our founders

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We're a close-knit team on a mission to make social impact more accessible and exciting.

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Give from $5 and make a huge difference together
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