How will it work?

Every Xillion launch creates an impact across multiple emerging causes
This partnership is designed to provide not-for-profits access to alternative streams of fundraising outside of traditional avenues and aid them in diversifying their revenue-raising activities. This will also provide charities with an ongoing and recurring revenue stream through the collection of money associated with each transaction.

Recently supported charities
5 Fold
You Belong
Waves For Water
Greenpeace Australia

Crypto FAQ's

Still got questions? We’ve got the answers!
How long has Little Phil been around for?

Little Phil, the giving platform, has actually been around helping charities since 2018. But our Company Giving service is a new addition we just launched in December 2021 with new features being released on a weekly basis. We are also doing a lot of work in the emerging Web 3.0 and crypto space. But our main goal this year is to bring 5,000 employees onto the platform. No small feat, but worth it when you realise the impact that will have on our Not-For-Profit sector.

Our research into Workplace Giving found that less than 5% of employees actually participate. But Company Giving gets 100% engagement from all employees. Our technology is also setup in a way that tracks the impact companies and employees make over time. Giving companies insights and data into what causes their employees actually care about. This can spark new corporate relationships and collaboration opportunities between businesses and NFP's.

How is my total Company Giving plan calculated?

Your total monthly Company Giving Plan is based on 2 numbers:

1. Platform pricing = $149 (unlimited employees)
2. Giving Credit = the amount of credit you choose to give each employee every month

  Platform pricing

+ Giving Credit

= Company Giving Plan (per month)

For example, if you had 10 employees, and choose to give each employee a monthly giving credit of $15;


+ $5.00 (x 10 employees)      

= $199 (per month)

Total Company Giving Plan = $199.90 (per month)

(All dollar amounts ($) are in AUD)

Platform Pricing vs Giving Credit

The Platform Pricing is $149 per month. This amount is fixed.

Your Giving Credit amount is totally up to you. $5 is the minimum amount per employee / per month. This Giving Credit amount is fully tax-deductible for the business and can be controlled within the company manager’s dashboard.

Both of these amounts are added together to get your overall total Company Giving Plan per month.

(All dollar amounts ($) are in AUD)

Can I cancel my Company Giving plan?

Yes! If you aren't satisfied for whatever reason, you may cancel the 12 month sales agreement for no fees within the first 60 days.  Your cancellation will be effective at the end of your current billing cycle. You’ll still have access to the benefits of your paid plan until then.

If you ever wish to cancel your subscription, please reach out to us via our chat and let us know you'd like to Cancel My Company Giving Plan.

How much does Company Giving on Little Phil cost?

To make Company Giving easy and accessible to all companies we've made the pricing fixed.

It's simply $149, with no sign-up fees & no hidden costs.

You can decide how much credit to gift each employee per month starting with a minimum of $5.