2020 State of the Industry Study

2020 State of the Industry Study
Written by
Josh Murchie


We want your input for a national survey about the State of the Industry 2020 and the impact of COVID-19 on NFP fundraising.

It only takes 5 mins and gives you free, priority access to our ‘State of the Industry’ national report with key insights into fundraising for a post-pandemic world.

All answers to the survey results are anonymised and your identity remains confidential.

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Welcome to the 2020 State of the Industry Study

Across the globe, COVID-19 has literally impacted every industry and most people in some way or another. The charitable giving, philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors are not exempt from this, and in fact may be disproportionately affected. With industry professionals and researchers suggesting that the pandemic could be the final straw for many organisations within the not-for-profit space and that fundraising could fall off a cliff. As an organisation passionate about the impact the sector has on the lives of the people they help and communities they exist in, we are now looking to collate up to date industry data that may help keep you and your organisation here in the future.

This State of The Industry Research Study sponsored by Griffith University Yunus Centre Fellow Josh Murchie and charity fundraising platform Little Phil — Good Moments will attempt to gain further insights into the state of the not-for-profit industry, its concerns, opportunities and future outlooks.

The Industry & Climate

Fundraising is in Trouble

The charity industry has been decimated since COVID-19 hit. Industry experts are anticipating a drop in revenue by at least 20–30% and many charities have already begun downsizing their staff sizes, with examples such as:

  1. OXFAM laying off around 1,500 staff and closing down operations in 18 countries
  2. Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital Appeal down more than 50% and the Government coming to the rescue at the last minute
  3. The Salvation Army’s ‘digital doorknock’ is barely hitting half its fundraising targets compared to last year’s Red Shield Appeal

1 in 10 Australian Jobs at Risk as Charities Funding Dries up

Charities are one of the largest employers in Australia and are currently being propped up by the Governments JobKeeper stimulus. Charities account for around 1.3m jobs in Australia which equates to roughly 10% of the workforce.

As many of the traditional fundraising avenues become unfeasible due to COVID-19, the Charitable giving industry is in dire need of new, innovative digital fundraising solutions to fill the gap.

Wake-up Call to Act on Digital

Many Not for Profits have been laggards in adopting and investing in their digital transformation. This can be for a range of reasons, from simply not having the in-house expertise or resources to invest, all the way to simply being too comfortable with traditional methods of in-person and events based fundraising.

It’s not too late - for most.

Now is the time to be pursuing new, innovative digital based giving platforms. With many countries and states now experiencing a second wave, it is unlikely that things will return to normal for the foreseeable future. This wake-up call for the charity industry is forcing organisations to begin seriously thinking about how to speed up their transition to digital giving.

What is the aim of the study?

The aim of the study is to gain a deeper insight into not for profit fundraisers position and expectations pre-COVID, the impact of COVID on the aforementioned as well as the level of preparedness and access to skills, technology and expertise to transition to a “new normal” and the future of digital fundraising.

We anticipate that the results of the survey will help organisations, service providers and Government understand the challenges faced by Not for Profits and better allocate scarce resources to increase the likelihood of success for their digital fundraising aspirations, ensuring the sustainability of these organisations well into the future.

How can my organisation participate?

We are currently focusing on the Not for Profit industry in Australia and would love to have your valuable input.

  • is your organisation a registered Not for Profit or Charity in Australia? ✅
  • are you an authorised representative of the organisation? ✅
  • do you have 5 minutes to answer 12 short questions? ✅

We’d love to help you if you have a moment to help us too 🙏.

This survey is part of a bigger report that will gain insights into the depth of COVID-19’s impact and shine a light on the best ways to fundraise in a post-pandemic 🌏.

WIIFM — What’s in it for your organisation?

Free, priority access to our State of the Industry national report;
  • We anticipate that the findings of the report may influence you and your organisation’s future fundraising strategies, grant applications and business operations.
  • Key insights into alternative fundraising methods for the next generation.

We hope that you take the survey and help keep your organisation and the sector here for the future. 💪

We want to hear from you — 👉 Take the Survey now.

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