5 ways your business can make a positive change in 2022

5 ways your business can make a positive change in 2022
Written by
Matias Salinas

There has been a shift in what makes businesses successful today. Most people join the business world thinking it’s all about competition and making profits. Although being profitable is every company’s goal, making a positive change in the world is what sets you apart.

You don’t need to be donating 50% of your profits like Who Gives A Crap to make a difference either. Just commit to finding small ways your company can contribute to the current social problems. It's about aligning your company so that it can better serve humans and the planet.

How Your Business Can Make Positive Changes in the World?

Here are five great ideas for operating a more sustainable and conscious business.

Foster Resilience at the Workplace

When you use culture, training, and technology to create an environment that amplifies the wisdom and intelligence of people, your business wins. You can create regular team building and social events. Some of the events include:

  • Volunteer days – Volunteering enables you to make positive contributions to the community. In addition, it gives your staff a chance to work together and get to know various aspects of each other’s personalities. Several possibilities include reading to children, working at an animal shelter, visiting a senior community, to mention a few.
  • Outdoor Activities Bonding with nature is therapeutic as it makes both mind and body relax. Boating, bike riding, zip-lining, hiking, and walking are all excellent activities.
  • A Group Tour – Taking a day to cruise in a river, touring art galleries, and visiting museums are epic activities that bring employees together.
  • Company Giving – Empower your employees to come together and close out campaigns that help the community on Little Phil.

Change can happen, from disruptive to incremental to transformational. For example, Covid-19 disrupted companies’ plans and missions. The important thing is making sure your employees feel confident enough to adapt to pressure and change at any moment.

One way is to promote idea sharing and cross-training. This will make employees resilient in case of any change, leading to a more engaging workplace. Remember, having a strong, resilient team is the beginning of making positive changes in the world!

Solve Global Challenges

Be among the companies that make a difference in a world full of challenges. It’s not just about corporate social responsibility, but businesses developing strategies and using their power to offer solutions. For instance, Google uses vast information networks to collaborate with other organisations to solve gang violence and human trafficking issues.

Your organisation might not fight a specific problem, but you can collaborate with other like-minded organisations for a common cause. For example, you can join hands to fight against racism, extrajudicial killings, early marriages, and animal cruelty.

That builds trust in the business and increases employee retention. Everyone would want to be associated with a good company. If you're still wondering where to start, well we've got an article for that

Establish Workplace Giving

Australian charities, like ours, depend on partnerships with companies to acheive their missions. For a majority of not-for-profit organisations they get their most consistent donations through workplace giving. This initiative is a safe, cost-effective, and easy way to make tax-deductible donations through the workplace to charity organisations you care about.

Maybe your business can only give a small amount of money. But don’t think your donation is not helpful. Charities are good at doing more with less. Think of it as the collective company giving. Through our very own Company Giving initiative, we processes thousands of donations cost-effectively, giving all of our charity partners access to more resources and time to execute their missions.

Use Apps and Social Media to Connect with Causes

Supporting social causes through your company helps you grow the business and create a positive social impact. Many organisations are torn between meeting their financial needs and the desire to make a difference. However, in today's world, supporting social causes and charities is a great way to attract more customers.

By supporting social causes, you’ll touch the lives of more people. In addition, corporate charitable giving turns your business into a force to associate with and help your business thrive.

Around the world, communities, individuals, and impoverished countries rely on social projects and charities. So your business support is desperately needed in the world.

Consumers are increasingly becoming socially conscious, and they prefer businesses that care. Therefore, the sustainability of your business depends on how you connect and care for others. This is especially relevant with Millennials.

Besides, getting involved in charitable activities will expand your network. Building relationships based on emotional bonds and common values leads to more meaningful business partners, friendships, and customers.

Supporting charities helps you connect with other like-minded people, and it can open doors you couldn’t imagine. You’ll also build a community of collaborators, partners, followers, and customers.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Climate change is already ravaging economies, raising the cost of operating businesses, and devastating communities. So from a business and humanitarian point of view, it makes a lot of sense to fight against uncontrolled carbon emissions.

Major organisations like Google and Microsoft are already going carbon neutral in their operations. Australia is also targeting to reduce carbon emissions by 26% to 28% by 2030.

So, how can your company become more carbon accountable?

  • Harness renewable energy resources – Your company should reduce energy consumption to give it a competitive advantage when climate policies are affected. Harnessing energy sources such as solar power is cost-effective. In addition, solar panels are easy to install and provide sustainable power for your business operations.
  • Move towards zero waste – Assess your company’s current waste management, generation, and disposal. This helps you set reductions, diversion, and prevention goals. You can also go paperless and use reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging materials.
  •  Minimise business travel emissions – Modern transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. You can minimise your business’s impact on the environment by reducing emissions. Start by encouraging employees to use bikes while coming to work. You can also ask them to work remotely to cut commuter emissions or facilitate carpooling among staff. When flying, book fuel-efficient economy flights.
  • Engage and Educate Employees – Educate your employees on carbon accountability. Once they understand the impact of carbon on the environment, they’ll be less likely to resist eco-social policies.

Wrapping Up

When you put effort and time into caring for your community, employees, and environment, you’ll build a robust foundation upon which your business can thrive.

At Little Phil, we help companies focus on solving global challenges so your business won’t struggle in an environment that demands more. If partnering with a not-for-profit that empowers your employees whilst also building up your community is something you’d like to learn more about, head to our For Companies pages and register your interest in Company Giving.

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