How technology is transforming higher-education fundraising

How technology is transforming higher-education fundraising
Written by
Matias Salinas

Higher Education is one of the biggest drivers of the advancements in social mobility and inclusion made over the past 50 years. Philanthropy plays a huge role in universities' ability to fund cutting-edge research and in supporting those individuals who are aiming to solve some of the humanity’s biggest challenges. Universities also provide individuals the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in life, which is why higher-education fundraising is so critical in providing institutions the additional resources to support those who would otherwise slip through the cracks due to personal circumstances. 

Higher-Education Philanthropy Defined

Higher-education philanthropy is pretty much what it sounds like - philanthropy for higher education. Higher-education philanthropy can take many forms, from donating money to a college or university to setting up scholarships to helping fund research.

There are a few reasons why people might choose to do higher-education philanthropy. Some people want to give back to the institution that helped them get where they are today. Others believe that investing in education is a way to invest in the future. And still others see higher-education philanthropy as a way to make a difference in the world.

Whatever the reason, higher-education philanthropy can be a great way to support education and help further the advancement of knowledge.

The Importance Of Higher-Education Philanthropy

Higher-education philanthropy is both important and impactful to today's society. Supporting one of the foundational building blocks of our culture and civilisation, education. It has a positive domino effect that reaches every area of life and some of the direct benefits of higher-education philanthropy include:

Allowing More People To Attend College

Supporting higher education through philanthropy helps make college more accessible and affordable for everyone. This is especially important for first-generation college students and other groups who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend.

Investing In The Future

By investing in higher education, philanthropists are investing in the future. They are helping to create an educated workforce that will be able to meet the challenges of the future head-on.

Supporting Research

Another direct benefit of higher-education philanthropy is that it helps to support research. This is important not only for the advancement of knowledge, but also for the development of new technologies and products.

Making A Difference In The World

Finally, higher-education philanthropy can be a way to make a unique difference in the world. By supporting education, philanthropists can help to create a more just and equitable society.

Current Sector Challenges

Despite its massive importance, higher-education philanthropy, as well as most other charitable endeavours for that matter, face a number of challenges in effectively engaging donors. Here is a look at some of the most prominent.

Competition For Both Donors And Dollars Is Escalating

The charitable arena, and higher-education causes specifically, are becoming increasingly competitive. There are more and more organisations all vying for the attention, time, and money of donors. This means that charities must work harder than ever before to stand out from the crowd and make their case for support.

Technology Is Changing

It's crazy to think about just how much charitable giving has changed over the last 20 years. From the days when telethons were the go-to means of sourcing donations to today's online giving platforms, technology has had a major impact on how philanthropy is carried out. And as technology continues to evolve, so too must the charitable sector.

Donor Concerns And Priorities Are Shifting

Society is evolving, and along with it are many people's outlooks on and expectations for the world around them. More and more, individuals are looking for transparency and impact from the organisations they support. They want to see where their money is going and what difference it is making. This shift in priorities has made it necessary for charities to adapt their methods and messaging in order to appeal to today's donors.

DeFi Is Redefining Standards

DeFi, or decentralised finance, is a newer and emerging sector of the crypto industry that is quickly gaining popularity. DeFi projects are built on decentralised protocols and offer a wide variety of financial services and products that have traditionally been centralised. These services include lending, borrowing, exchanging, and more. The rise of DeFi has led to a significant shift in the way that people think about and manage their assets. This could and is already beginning to become relevant to philanthropy, given how as financial standards shift, so too could the way we think about and carry out giving.

Donors Are Getting Younger

With an increasingly young and technologically-savvy population, it's become more important than ever for charitable organisations to meet their donors where they are - online. And this doesn't just mean having a website. Charities need to be visible, accessible and discoverable online, and likewise position themselves to appeal to younger audiences.

Transforming Higher-Education Philanthropy For The Better

It's quite obvious that the charitable sector could be improved in favour of both better efficiency and reach. Luckily, emerging technologies and concepts are opening the door to new approaches to giving, establishing a more sustainable system for the future.

Here's a look at how Little Phil is leading the way through its company giving application.

An All-In-One Platform

With a simple yet powerful mobile-oriented interface, the Little Phil app provides everything users need to support their chosen causes in one place. Giving is made easy and convenient, with donors able to track their impact and see how their donations are being used. The application also allows for recurring donations, so that users can support their philanthropic goals on a long-term basis.

Tools To Engage The Masses

Little Phil has built-in tools to help organisations reach and engage more donors. The platform's easy notification tool allows charities to keep their supporters in the loop with real-time updates, furthering engagement and encouraging continued giving. The app's sharing feature also makes it easy for users to spread the word about their favourite causes, helping to increase donations and reach new potential supporters.

A 21st Century Approach

With its cutting-edge platform and innovative approach, Little Phil is positioning itself as a leader in the new era of philanthropy. Our giving solution is making it easier than ever for people to support the causes they care about, while also providing organisations with the tools they need to engage more donors. From crypto to NFTs, we're appealing to a new generation of donors and paving the way for a more sustainable future of giving.

In order to be truly successful, higher-education philanthropy must adapt to the ever-changing landscape that lays ahead of us as a society. Luckily, with the right tech and strategies in hand, we can ensure that the charitable sector is able to not only keep up with the times, but thrive.

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