Little Phil Partners with The Hope Factory to Boost Philanthropic Giving in Australia

Little Phil Partners with The Hope Factory to Boost Philanthropic Giving in Australia
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Little Phil, Australia's fastest-growing fundraising ecosystem, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with The Hope Factory, a leading Shopify Plus agency on their way to becoming a registered B Corporation. Through this partnership, The Hope Factory will utilise the Little Phil platform to issue regular donation credits to their employees and donate a portion of their client project costs through kickoff and site launch initiatives.

As part of their commitment to giving back, The Hope Factory has taken the lead by installing Little Phil’s new Shop & Support app on their own store, Timber Kids. The app helps any Shopify Store to facilitate a post-checkout donation experience for their customers. Directly supporting up to 3 registered Aussie charities at a time, with no fees. Additionally, as Little Phil is a DGR2 registered nonprofit, Shopify Store owner's donations can be tax-deductible. 

A post-checkout donation using the Shop & Support App

Little Phil's AI Content Assistant, E-commerce Donations, Company Giving Donations, and Secure Donations Widget are just a few of the fundraising tools that will be available to The Hope Factory through this partnership. With these tools, The Hope Factory can streamline their fundraising efforts and support even more Australian charities.

Choosing a charity in the Shop & Support App

"We are thrilled to partner with The Hope Factory and work towards our shared goal of supporting Australian charities" said Joshua Murchie, CEO of Little Phil. "Their commitment to social responsibility and sustainable business practices aligns perfectly with our mission to double philanthropic giving by 2030."

The Hope Factory is equally excited about this partnership. "Since our inception, we have always looked for ways to give back to our community, and partnering with Little Phil allows us to do so in a meaningful way," said Andrew Cox, Founder of The Hope Factory. "We are proud to support Little Phil's mission and look forward to working together to make a positive impact on Australia’s Third Sector"

Little Phil and The Hope Factory's partnership demonstrates the power of collaboration and the importance of supporting Australian charities. Working together is the only way we can achieve Australia’s national agenda of doubling philanthropic giving by 2030 and supporting the vital work of nonprofits across the country.

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