The quick-tick-and-flick guide to getting the most out of Little Phil.

The quick-tick-and-flick guide to getting the most out of Little Phil.
Written by
Craig Gillam
Use this guide to get the most from your Little Phil subscription.
Use this guide to get the most from your Little Phil subscription.

Are you making the most out of your Little Phil subscription? 🤔

We get it. Pulling off the day-to-day running of your nonprofit is nothing short of remarkable! And fitting 5 minutes in sideways for a bite to eat can feel like a luxury! But as you know, Little Phil is here to help streamline your fundraising and awareness. So we wanted to put together a handful of quick wins so you continue to maximise your subscription with Little Phil.

We've called it the quick-tick-and-flick guide.

Let's dive right in! 🏊

The quick-tick-and-flick guide 📋

💬 Update existing campaigns (5 mins)

Check in with your donors and let them know how the campaign is faring. It may be a case of needing the full goal amount before you can start, but that’s okay. They’ll love to hear about similar work or general updates. It helps provide the transparency that is so unique to Little Phil. Login to your dashboard here.

📲 Share campaigns (5 mins)

Once you’ve updated your campaign, share it to the world via Social Media. Consistently sharing fresh content to your followers is the key to exposure. A supporter may have seen your last post on the fly and forgotten to donate or may want to add more. They may even reshare or be with friends or family that love what you’re up to as well! Share from your dashboard.

🚀 Launch a new campaign (10 mins)

If you’ve successfully finished a campaign, today might be the day to launch your next one. In less than 10 minutes you could be receiving more support for your mission. Launch a campaign from your dashboard.

📲 Share nonproft profile (5 mins)

Sharing your Little Phil donation profile is also a great way to increase awareness. Some supporters will love your mission as a whole and some will love giving to an individual campaign. Make sure both kinds of supporters are kept happy ☺️Share from your dashboard.

🔗 Link your Little Phil profile (5 mins)

Link your Little Phil profile anywhere and everywhere your supporters may find you. This includes places like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin but also the less obvious. Linktree or your IG linking service, direct from your website and even physical via a QR code (we’ll be releasing or own QR code generator soon). Gain the most attention from your supporters. The more creative and crafty the better. Find your profile link in your dashboard.

So there it is. The quick and easy way to get the most out of Little Phil.

If you'd like to add any tips, please say and share it with us. That's all from us at the moment, we'll let you get back to it.

Godspeed and all the best,

Craig Gillam and the whole Little Phil team.

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