The Upendo Foundation: Raising hope for Tanzania

The Upendo Foundation: Raising hope for Tanzania
Written by
Joe Allanson

During October, we had the pleasure of showcasing the inspirational and vital work of The Upendo Foundation. We talked closely with their team and were sent amazing photos of their recent work. It gave us a better appreciation of their cause and showed us the importance of their vital work.

About Upendo

Upendo works hard to care for orphans and underprivileged children in Tanzania. They work with the local government agency in Moshi to provide loving family-type care for children who have no family support. Generous givers and supporters help to fund the care and education of these children.

Over ten years ago, Upendo started as a school for underprivileged children in Moshi, Tanzania. Now they have grown into a safe refuge for kids who lack family support. Their sole purpose is to support these vulnerable kids, give them a safe home and an excellent education.

The Upendo Mission

Upendo are focused on changing the lives of children and giving them hope for a brighter future. 

They support and encourage them to become responsible, confident and productive members of their community. Upendo’s fantastic team of regular and part-time volunteers, donors and sponsors are committed to helping children in Tanzania. Supporting vulnerable kids out of poverty is their focus and what drives them to continue their inspirational cause.

Home of Hope

Upendo is the Home of Hope for impoverished children in Moshi, Tanzania – providing much-needed shelter, food, education, life skills and protection.

Their Home of Hope campaign directly supports the Upendo home with a range of projects including:

  • Safe and comfortable beds for the children,
  • Providing and preparing food for the children
  • Supporting the children with an environment of love and connection
  • Teaching vital skills skills, like cooking — preparing them for life and independence

How can you help?

By donating to Upendo and their campaigns through Little Phil, you are showing a direct impact to their vital and meaningful cause. When you give through Little Phil, you can see precisely where your giving is going. Your support allows Upendo to continue to support, save and inspire underprivileged children in Tanzania. Together we can make a much-needed, positive impact.

Setting up monthly giving is a fantastic way to show your ongoing support and increase your support toward underprivileged children in Tanzania.

If you contact Upendo, they also have volunteering opportunities and ways that you can get the message of Upendo’s mission to your friends and family.

Showcasing the incredible work of Upendo during October was eye-opening and inspirational. It’s so clear that the support they get from you and the community of givers is the only reason they can continue doing their significant work every day.

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