Who are Australia's best charities?

Who are Australia's best charities?
Written by
Joe Allanson

Australian charities are doing wonders, not only for Aussie communities but for causes all over the globe. A quick scroll through our 100s of partners showcases a range of their lifesaving, world-changing and social impact creating work.

As a country, Australia is extremely generous, and it's something to be genuinely proud of. When we see someone or something in need of a helping hand, we get behind them. I think it's because the causes that our homegrown charities champion are so inspirational and meaningful.

Whether it's curing a koala, providing English classes for newly arrived refugees or supporting people suffering from financial distress, or the hundreds of other causes, it's clear that Australian charities are truly helping the lives of so many. 

So who are Australia's best charities? Well, that’s up to you. We all have charities and causes that mean the most to us — causes that are unique to every person. That's what makes your impact so important — you can use your choice and passion to support campaigns that make the difference you want to see. 

How to find the best Australian charities for me?

On Little Phil, you'll find some of your favourite charities, and with so much variety, you'll discover many more causes to fall in love with. By using our category search feature, you can easily filter causes to explore the ones that matter most to you.

Perhaps education is closest to your heart — great choice — you select and see all the charities and campaigns under the education category. Take the Wanta Aboriginal Corporation, for example. Based in Alice Springs, they tackle the significant gap in education outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

Searching by category is not only a great way to find new charities to support and learn about, but it also allows you to understand what kind of causes mean most to you and your version of Australia’s best charities.

In your My Impact dashboard, you can see exactly where your passions are. You could use this info when you’re looking to discover new charities to support and increase your social impact. 

Maybe you’re really passionate about the community like me, so you could filter by community for more ways to show your support. Or perhaps you want to show your support for other categories you’ve had a little less impact on.

Whatever your approach, you can create massive change for Australian charities with your giving. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money; even $5 could make the difference. When you donate to charities, it’s scientifically proven that you feel more connected, happier and healthier. That warm moment you get when you do something good, we like to call it a Little Phil Good Moment, and there’s nothing quite like it. 

You can also set up monthly giving to your favourite Aussie charities and witness their inspirational work continue to create tremendous positive change. Your continual support is endlessly appreciated by these fantastic charities.

And the best part with Little Phil, you can see exactly where your giving is going. So rest easy knowing that your support is helping Aussie charities directly. If you donate to help Soundfair provide a hearing Aid for Abrham, it will only be used to help Abrham. 

So enjoy your journey of discovering your version of Australia’s best charities on Little Phil. Keep the Good Moments Rolling.

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