Why we need to stop knee jerk responses in times of crisis

Why we need to stop knee jerk responses in times of crisis
Written by
Joe Allanson

If there is something we have learned so far in 2022, it is to expect the unexpected. Just when you thought COVID-19 had peaked and passed, Omicron dished us up a Festive season surprise that was quickly shared across the country. Work and schooling from home was extended and we all readjusted to fast-paced regulatory changes.

The invasion of Ukraine has taken the world by utter disbelief with people displaced and destruction of communities to a scale that we haven’t seen for decades in Europe.

Being a Gold Coast based not-for-profit, our team and other locals have experienced one of the wettest summers in a while and we joked that the rain would never stop; and then it didn’t stop, and still didn’t stop, and the rain just kept coming... The result has been devastating for flood victims and communities stretching along the East Coast from north of Brisbane to beyond Sydney.

Governments failing to plan adequately for natural disasters

What this most recent natural disaster highlights is that governments have again failed to adequately plan, prevent or mitigate the dangers associated with what we know will be increasing levels of storms, fires and floods across Australia. 

This failure by governments is putting increased pressure on the already stretched not-for-profit sector and small community groups who are leading the disaster recovery efforts. 

Emergency responders have become the heroes in our lives, be they badged and uniformed, or stepping forward as volunteers. 

The Not-For-Profit industry needs more consistent support 

The community run organisations that operate throughout the year to keep us safe are always planning, preparing, fundraising, and predicting how best to address the next major event. 

So why are we only showing them the support during times of crisis?

In a somewhat knee-jerk response, companies use these natural disasters and devastating news events to announce their support of charities.

While the generosity shown in each of these disasters from both companies and individuals has been amazing, our support and relief to the not-for-profit sector can be more strategic, more consistent, and more proactive throughout the year 

To provide consistent support to our not-for-profit sector, make sure your company upgrades its giving program.  

Little Phil is calling on companies to sign up for ongoing support via our interactive, Company Giving platform to help our heroes when the call for help is made. 

Our charity partners are eager to see the support of the community and provide updates of the various campaigns and projects that they are running throughout the year. 

Little Phil Co-founder and General Manager Mat Sayed, said that the company is now ready to go national with its Company Giving platform following a more targeted launch in December with leading Australian telco Amaysim. 

“After a successful initial rollout of our Company Giving program in December with Amaysim, we are now ready for our turnkey technology platform to be utilised by businesses across Australia to drive their community impact programs,” said Mr Sayed. 

“Our platform provides companies a turnkey solution to empower employees to select not-for-profits or community causes they are passionate about and provide ongoing direct financial support. From the employer's perspective, they get to attract and retain socially conscious employees, create a better company culture, with the additional benefit of retaining tax benefits as we are a registered non-profit with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) - so it is a ‘win-win’ scenario for all parties.” 

Visit https://www.littlephil.org/csr to register your interest in Company Giving and start boosting your companies culture today! 

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