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Hear Anji's experience — Head of Fundraising AWLQ

AWLQ Fundraising Manager — Anji Tearney
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Little Phil giving platform optimised for iPhone and all mobile devices.

Donor-first, so they last.

Kill fundraising fatigue, not your donor's enthusiasm.
Access our community of modern-day philanthropists who see the direct impact they're making and continue to follow your journey — chipping in with continual support along the way.
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Little Phil's intuitive dashboard for charities to prosper.

Super simple. Super powerful.

Quickly master your metrics, no data degree needed.
Your dashboard is mission control for successful fundraising. Tap into your donors, metrics and more. The real power is in the simplicity.
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The modern day donor is savvy.

Bettering oneself to better the world.

The next generation expect more transparency and control over their giving, including the ability to connect emotionally with receivers by seeing the direct impact their contribution has made. As the majority of charitable donations come from an ageing population, fundraising approaches need to better engage new generations or significantly suffer.

But this doesn't take an army.All you need is Little Phil.

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So, what's included?

More than just another piece of s* (software)
Complete control over your giving.

Powerful Platform

Do it all from your dashboard. The power is in your hands.


Direct & Auto Rengagement

Reach donors directly. Don't rely on outdated fundraising methods.


CSR Company Giving

We're empowering the employees of socially conscious companies.

See your real impact with updates from the receiver

New streams

Enter our impact ecosystem. Crypto, NFT royalties, good brands & more.


Network Reach

Powerful tracking for ambassador and influencer marketing.

Our Why

Dedicated Support

Your success matters. We've got a whole team dedicated to it!

Update your givers directly on the Little Phil platform.

Engage the masses

Notify and activate all donors on the fly.

Donors love seeing their donation in use and generally give more on proof of impact. We make it easy. Send an update like you would a quick text and we'll notify everyone that's apart of the campaign.

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Track your

Giving made easy

Donors expect to donate the same way they pay for their everyday and track progress like a package in the mail.
We've made giving super simple. Donors pay and track their donation the same way they would a pizza or taking an Uber into town.
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Our community

We do as we say and are active in the community


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